So, first off I want to apologize for not consistently posting on my blog. I have been studying for the GMAT and got my application ready for University of Minnesota’s Carlson School of Management. I did really well on the GMAT and hope to be accepted this fall. The more and more I think about what I want to do with my professional life the more it makes sense for me to get my MBA. It is my goal to get into technology scouting and form collaborative relationships with other researchers in both academia and industry. It is really exciting sheparding new technology and trying to see how it can fit into future products or open up blue-water opportunities. Currently I am trying to get two such technologies into future products. One idea I have had great success and the other is finally picking up some momentum. I think that having an MBA would really help in my quest to find new technologies to find them homes within my company. If anyone out there has any stories on bringing in new technologies to a company or academic setting please share them.