I am beginning a new position in a research group! I am incredibly excited and looking to get a head start by organizing my projects and making sure ideas do not fall through the cracks. To do this I am using Freemind to break down my projects and set up reminders for tickler ideas and so that I  wake up less frequently in the middle of the night . This is along the lines of a GTD implementation. One of the features I am excited about it the scripting feature using Groovy. I am trying to learn groovy so that I can generate lists on demand. For example if I have a number of calls to make to different people I want those calls to be items under a specific project.  A way to poll the different nodes and grab each one that is listed as say a phone contact and put them into a call list would be incredibly helpful.  Another nifty idea would to be able to generate a daily or weekly action list.This way I can still have my folders and not worry about duplicate entries. I realize I can partially do this through filtering but am looking to get a different output form. If anyone has some expertise in Groovy and has ideas on how to implement this please feel free to post!

P.S. I am writing this post from Jackson Hole, Wyoming sitting on the porch of a cabin waiting for my fiancee to get back from her class. The weather is absolutely perfect and we are going white water rafting this afternoon. I will put up some pictures from this and the trip to Italy once I figure out how to put up a photo gallery.