About a year ago I was transferred to a new role within my company. I am working on feasibility testing for technology to include in future high power products. This new role is a real growth opportunity for me. With this increased responsibility I have am working on a large number of projects reach with a different set of people for each project who are contributing. Keeping up with both the projects and the commitments that I have made  to them has been a challenge keeps me on my toes. To help facilitate this I have been more diligent about implementing Getting Things Done (GTD) as well as keeping my mindmap up to date. This has allowed me to keep track of commitments I have made as well as keep me thinking about next actions and reminding me to follow up with people who have made commitments to me.

GTD is allowing me to practice what I call guerilla warfare on my projects. What I mean by that is feeling empowered and keep hammering away at my projects. This quick and dirty methodology is allowing me to  be very versatile with my projects and rapidly react to changes and make projects relevant in a changing landscape. Additionally, it allows me to think more about the bigger picture as I already have mapped out actions to proceed and make progress on each project.

If anyone else has suggestions to share about keeping things in order and helping encourage follow-through on actions please post and let me know!